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Board Members

PresidentKevin Howell12/31/2020
Vice PresidentJulie Paxton12/31/2021
Board MemberPolly Pletcher12/31/2019
Board MemberChad Seurkamp12/31/2019
Board MemberJeannie Allen12/31/2019
Board MemberJohn Largent12/31/2020
Board MemberChad Winegardner12/31/2020
Board MemberKathleen Danielson12/31/2020
Board MemberTom Perkins12/31/2021
Board MemberCasey Coffee12/31/2019
Board MemberAngela DeRolph12/31/2021
Board MemberJason Daly12/31/2021
Executive DirectorJohn Ulmer
Executive SecretaryKim Barnhart

2 Responses to Board Members

  1. Michele Sipe says:

    I am reaching out to let you know that we are leasing the Buckeye Village Shopping Center in New Lexington. We have the Movie Gallery space available if you know of any members in need of retail or office space.

    Thank you
    Michele Sipe