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School Board

New Lexington CitySteven C. Burton12/31/20
New Lexington CityWilliam Nutt12/31/19
New Lexington CityJohn McGaughey Jr.12/31/20
New Lexington CityJason Givens12/31/19
New Lexington CityMike Davisson12/31/19
Northern LocalKimberly Severance12/31/20
Northern LocalPatrick Hogan12/31/20
Northern Local Megan Miller12/31/20
Northern LocalNancy L. Fox12/31/19
Northern LocalDale R. DeRolph12/31/19
Southern LocalPete Nelson12/31/19
Southern LocalCassie Starlin
Southern LocalPatty Jo Duffy12/31/20
Southern LocalWendy Aichele12/31/19
Southern LocalJames Palmer
CrooksvilleSam L. Zinn12/31/20
CrooksvilleAlice Browning12/31/20
CrooksvilleBryan Hartley12/31/20
CrooksvilleRhonda L. Moyer12/31/19
CrooksvilleKevin Weaver12/31/19

2 Responses to School Board

  1. Stephanie kennedy says:

    I would like someone to contact concerning unresolved problems with new lexington elementary schools. 7406058501

    • Stephanie,
      I have referred you to my daughter-in-law, Rachel Barnhart who helps parents of children with disabilities. She can help you work with the school to resolve your problems.