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Bearfield TownshipTrusteeDarron Rambo12/31/19
Bearfield TownshipTrusteeTodd Harris12/31/17
Bearfield Township TrusteeAlbert L. Reed12/31/17
Bearfield TownshipFiscal OfficerKathy E. Lackney3/31/16
Clayton TownshipTrusteeJustin G. Baker12/31/19
Clayton TownshipTrusteeDavid B. Baker12/31/17
Clayton TownshipTrusteeJerry Koblentz12/31/17
Clayton TownshipFiscal OfficerSonya L. Saxton3/31/20
Coal TownshipTrusteeRaymond D. Jenks12/31/19
Coal TownshipTrusteeEdwin Thompson12/31/17
Coal Township TrusteeEllis Spicer12/31/17
Coal TownshipFiscal OfficerBarry Hoy3/31/20
Harrison TownshipTrusteeJerald W. Watts12/31/19
Harrison TownshipTrusteeTim Danielson12/31/17
Harrison TownshipTrusteeAlan White12/31/17
Harrison TownshipFiscal OfficerKhristine Hanson3/31/20
Hopewell TownshipTrusteeCarl T. Dupler12/31/19
Hopewell TownshipTrusteeSteven Swinehart12/31/17
Hopewell Township TrusteeDavid Ours12/31/17
Hopewell TownshipFiscal OfficerTara M. Gibson3/31/20
Jackson TownshipTrusteePatrick W. Wolfe12/31/15
Jackson TownshipTrusteeFrank Fondale12/31/17
Jackson TownshipTrusteeDaniel Finck12/31/17
Jackson TownshipFiscal OfficerTina R. Fondale 3/31/20
Madison TownshipTrusteeGary Chapman12/31/19
Madison TownshipTrusteeMatt Snider12/31/17
Madison TownshipTrusteeRonald D. Fisher12/31/17
Madison TownshipFiscal OfficerJohn White3/31/20
Monday Creek TownshipTrusteeJerry Brown12/31/19
Monday Creek TownshipTrusteePaul Owings12/31/17
Monday Creek TownshipTrusteeJohn Brown12/31/17
Monday Creek TownshipFiscal OfficerJulie S. Danison3/31/20
Monroe TownshipTrusteeJoseph L. Duffy12/31/19
Monroe TownshipTrusteeHenry Lee Stickdorn12/31/17
Monroe TownshipTrusteeElmer Glanemann12/31/17
Monroe TownshipFiscal OfficerHeather N. Harper3/31/16
Pike TownshipTrusteeMike Boley12/31/19
Pike TownshipTrusteeRichard Fankhauser12/31/17
Pike TownshipTrusteeCharles Chip Saxton12/31/17
Pike TownshipFiscal OfficerJanice Ferguson3/31/20
Pleasant TownshipTrusteeRobert G. Plant12/31/19
Pleasant TownshipTrusteeJeff Berry12/31/17
Pleasant TownshipTrusteePaul Dutiel12/31/17
Pleasant TownshipFiscal OfficerJo Ellen Alfman3/31/20
Reading TownshipTrusteeJames Emmert12/31/19
Reading TownshipTrusteeSteve Shumaker12/31/17
Reading TownshipTrusteeTimothy Emmert12/31/17
Reading TownshipFiscal OfficerRebecca A. Sweeney3/31/20
Saltlick TownshipTrusteeJames Denny12/31/19
Saltlick TownshipTrusteeKenneth Lucas12/31/17
Saltlick Township TrusteeClayton Slatzer12/31/17
Saltlick TownshipFiscal OfficerLinda Sinift3/31/20
Thorn TownshipTrusteeRobert E. Coleman Jr.12/31/19
Thorn TownshipTrusteeRichard Wilson12/31/17
Thorn TownshipTrusteeDavid Lyle12/31/17
Thorn TownshipFiscal OfficerBillie L. Dearlove3/31/20

10 Responses to Township

  1. Mike Decker says:

    I would like to speak with a trustee from Monroe township.

    • pcccofc says:

      The Trustees for Monroe Township are Elmer Glanemann 740-347-4691; Henry Stickdorn 740-347-4125; and Joseph Duffy 740-347-4740.

  2. I need the contact information for the Reading township trustees

    • TIMOTHY R EMMERT Phone: (740) 743-1421
      STEVE SHUMAKER Phone: (740) 743-1223
      JAMES A EMMERT JR Phone: (740) 743-2000
      Reading Township Fiscal Officer
      REBECCA ANN SWEENEY Phone: (740) 342-2045

  3. Joseph Metz says:

    I need contact information for Harrison Township Trustees

  4. Crystal strawser says:

    I am looking to speak to who is in charge of road repair in Monday Creek Township I live on Bowland road logan

    • pcccofc says:

      The Monday Creek Trustees are John Brown 740-385-7908, Paul Owings 740-385-2361, Jerry Brown 740-3885-0177.

  5. Tisha L Harris says:

    I am trying to get in contact with a Madison Twp. Road Trustee. I have tried calling and have had no response.
    Matt Snider’s son answers the phone and not sure the message is being relayed.
    Gary Chapman has an unlisted phone number so cannot contact him.
    John White I have no contact info on.
    Ronal Fisher usually gets back to me, but not been able to get ahold of him.

    I live at 9975 Madison Twp Rd #57 and before you home there is a washout the I have been complaining about for months. After the last few rains is it getting worse and this need to be addressed immediately.

    Please have one of them contact me at 740-743-2670.

    • pcccofc says:


      Contact information for all Elected Officials is on the Perry County Board of Elections website. I have the contact #’s for all the Madison Twp. Trustees.
      Matt Snider- 740–403-0677
      Gary Chapman- 740-819-5607
      Ronald Fisher 740-743-2445 or 740-408-1900
      John White is the Fiscal Officer for the Twp. His number is 740-787-2965.

      Hope this information will help.