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Bearfield TownshipTrusteeDarron Rambo12/31/19
Bearfield TownshipTrusteeTodd Harris12/31/17
Bearfield Township TrusteeAlbert L. Reed12/31/17
Bearfield TownshipFiscal OfficerKathy E. Lackney3/31/16
Clayton TownshipTrusteeJustin G. Baker12/31/19
Clayton TownshipTrusteeDavid B. Baker12/31/17
Clayton TownshipTrusteeJerry Koblentz12/31/17
Clayton TownshipFiscal OfficerSonya L. Saxton3/31/20
Coal TownshipTrusteeRaymond D. Jenks12/31/19
Coal TownshipTrusteeEdwin Thompson12/31/17
Coal Township TrusteeEllis Spicer12/31/17
Coal TownshipFiscal OfficerBarry Hoy3/31/20
Harrison TownshipTrusteeJerald W. Watts12/31/19
Harrison TownshipTrusteeTim Danielson12/31/17
Harrison TownshipTrusteeAlan White12/31/17
Harrison TownshipFiscal OfficerKhristine Hanson3/31/20
Hopewell TownshipTrusteeCarl T. Dupler12/31/19
Hopewell TownshipTrusteeSteven Swinehart12/31/17
Hopewell Township TrusteeDavid Ours12/31/17
Hopewell TownshipFiscal OfficerTara M. Gibson3/31/20
Jackson TownshipTrusteePatrick W. Wolfe12/31/15
Jackson TownshipTrusteeFrank Fondale12/31/17
Jackson TownshipTrusteeDaniel Finck12/31/17
Jackson TownshipFiscal OfficerTina R. Fondale 3/31/20
Madison TownshipTrusteeGary Chapman12/31/19
Madison TownshipTrusteeMatt Snider12/31/17
Madison TownshipTrusteeRonald D. Fisher12/31/17
Madison TownshipFiscal OfficerJohn White3/31/20
Monday Creek TownshipTrusteeJerry Brown12/31/19
Monday Creek TownshipTrusteePaul Owings12/31/17
Monday Creek TownshipTrusteeJohn Brown12/31/17
Monday Creek TownshipFiscal OfficerJulie S. Danison3/31/20
Monroe TownshipTrusteeJoseph L. Duffy12/31/19
Monroe TownshipTrusteeHenry Lee Stickdorn12/31/17
Monroe TownshipTrusteeElmer Glanemann12/31/17
Monroe TownshipFiscal OfficerHeather N. Harper3/31/16
Pike TownshipTrusteeMike Boley12/31/19
Pike TownshipTrusteeRichard Fankhauser12/31/17
Pike TownshipTrusteeCharles Chip Saxton12/31/17
Pike TownshipFiscal OfficerJanice Ferguson3/31/20
Pleasant TownshipTrusteeRobert G. Plant12/31/19
Pleasant TownshipTrusteeJeff Berry12/31/17
Pleasant TownshipTrusteePaul Dutiel12/31/17
Pleasant TownshipFiscal OfficerJo Ellen Alfman3/31/20
Reading TownshipTrusteeJames Emmert12/31/19
Reading TownshipTrusteeSteve Shumaker12/31/17
Reading TownshipTrusteeTimothy Emmert12/31/17
Reading TownshipFiscal OfficerRebecca A. Sweeney3/31/20
Saltlick TownshipTrusteeJames Denny12/31/19
Saltlick TownshipTrusteeKenneth Lucas12/31/17
Saltlick Township TrusteeClayton Slatzer12/31/17
Saltlick TownshipFiscal OfficerLinda Sinift3/31/20
Thorn TownshipTrusteeRobert E. Coleman Jr.12/31/19
Thorn TownshipTrusteeRichard Wilson12/31/17
Thorn TownshipTrusteeDavid Lyle12/31/17
Thorn TownshipFiscal OfficerBillie L. Dearlove3/31/20

8 Responses to Township

  1. Mike Decker says:

    I would like to speak with a trustee from Monroe township.

    • pcccofc says:

      The Trustees for Monroe Township are Elmer Glanemann 740-347-4691; Henry Stickdorn 740-347-4125; and Joseph Duffy 740-347-4740.

  2. I need the contact information for the Reading township trustees

    • TIMOTHY R EMMERT Phone: (740) 743-1421
      STEVE SHUMAKER Phone: (740) 743-1223
      JAMES A EMMERT JR Phone: (740) 743-2000
      Reading Township Fiscal Officer
      REBECCA ANN SWEENEY Phone: (740) 342-2045

  3. Joseph Metz says:

    I need contact information for Harrison Township Trustees

  4. Crystal strawser says:

    I am looking to speak to who is in charge of road repair in Monday Creek Township I live on Bowland road logan

    • pcccofc says:

      The Monday Creek Trustees are John Brown 740-385-7908, Paul Owings 740-385-2361, Jerry Brown 740-3885-0177.