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  1. L. Price says:

    Do you allow small dogs to ride the train? We have two Dachshunds. One is a Certified therapy dog who can visit hospitals and nursing homes, etc..

    • pcccofc says:

      We contacted the operators of the Mt. Perry Scenic Train and yes your dogs would be permitted to ride, as long as you are responsible for them throughout the ride.

  2. Hello: I was hoping to obtain the email address for the below listed commissioners. And, the reason is our Foundation within the next several weeks will release an invitation targeting Athens, Hocking Morgan and Perry counties. Please call me w/ questions at 614.737-4370. Thank you, Renee Gifford

    Commissioner David Freriks 12/31/14 Republican
    Commissioner Ed Keister 12/31/16 Democrat
    Commissioner Jim O’Brien 12/31/16 Democrat


  4. Gary E Brunton says:

    We are looking for building to rent , that could be used to open a retail business. Is this something that u may be able to help locate ?

    • Did you have a particular area within Perry County to open your retail business? Did you have a minimum/maximum square feet necessary? The Perry County Chamber of Commerce would be happy to assist in helping you locate the perfect site. Feel free to e-mail more details to us at pcccofc@yahoo.com

  5. What is the membership cost for a public charity organization?

    • For non-profit organizations the fee to join the Perry County Chamber of Commerce is $120. You can call the office for an application to be sent to you. 740-342-3547

  6. Shelley Grubb says:

    We would like information on Unity Presbyterian Cemetery on Buckeye Valley Rd. & 669 NE I have tried to reach Jerry Koblentz several times, but his line is continuously busy. Any help would be appreciated.

    • Shelley,

      The other Clayton Twp. Trustees are David Baker 740-342-3126, Justin Baker 740-342-2097. The number we have for Jerry is 740-743-1924. Sonya Saxton is the Fiscal Officer for the Twp. Her number is 740-221-6268. Hopefully these numbers will help you to get the answers you need.

  7. Hi. I would like to meet friends and ride the train. Maybe 10 of us. Can we bring some lawn chairs and soft drinks to visit for an hour or so afterward?thank you.

  8. Russell Frame says:

    My great grandfather James R Frame died 11/6/1965 and was buried at the Iliff Cemetery in MCLuney OH near Crooksville. My brother and I went there and could not find his grave. He is listed but may not have a grave marker. His memorial id is 43815299. The church at Iliff Cemetery said that the Harrison Township Trustees are responsible for this cemetery records. We would like to locate his burial location. Could you help direct us to his burial location? Would appreciate your help. I live in Murfreesboro, TN.

  9. Bruce Hust says:

    Is there a Gen. Philip Sheridan home or museum in or around Somerset? If so, what days and times could I tour or visit?

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  11. Sharla S. Snedden says:

    Recently came across a booklet for Perry County and noticed that our church is not listed in churches of the area. We have been operating as Mt. Perry United Methodist since 1900 in the same location. Would it be possible to be listed in your publication? Thank you.

    • Sharla,
      Please send me the information on your church and I will get the information in the booklet. I need your information before the end of the October.

  12. Dave Crowe says:

    bunch of crookedness in COrning. Will the township Fiscal clerk face any repercussions/ Why is Curt Braggs entire family big Amy daughter ,grandkids & wife allowed to be on village payroll? This is nepotism