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Glenford Fort

Glenford Fort

Picture by Bill Rockwell, Perry County Tribune.

The Glenford Fort is located in Perry County, Ohio, near the towns of Glenford and Somerset just off St. Rt. 757.

The entrance to the fort is an interesting feature, with massive rocks separated by water to form trails in and out of the area at the top of the hill with crevasses and marks in the stone created by its formation.  Pictured above the entrance is a heart shaped stonewall enclosing on a hilltop location is one of the more interesting tourist attractions in Perry County, with a project currently underway to improve access to the area.

The Glenford Fort is a stone wall built by the Native American tribes who once inhabited the area.  Native Americans built the wall around the hilltop fort approximately 2,000 years ago, by hand, with the wall ranging between one and four feet in height. The man-made portion of the fort has crumbled a bit, the wall has mostly fallen with the shifting of the earth underneath it, but the stone material used is still visible.

Tours of the Glenford Fort are offered randomly throughout the year.


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