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Perry County Covered Bridges and Round Barns

Perry County Covered Bridges

  •  Bridge on Gower Rd., Glenford. East off Rt. 13 onto Rt. 204, 8 miles to Gower Rd., turn South on Gower Rd. (Bridge is down Gower Rd. 2 miles)
  •  Bridge on Cooperrider Rd., Glenford. East off Rt. 13 onto Rt. 204, 8 miles to Gower Rd., turn south on Gower Rd., turn east onto Cooperrider Rd. (Bridge is ¼ mile down Cooperrider Rd.)
  •  Jack’s Hollow Bridge, turn west off Rt. 22, north onto Rt. 204, east on Gratiot Rd., 2 miles to intersection of Gratiot Rd., turn east 1½ miles north on Twp. Rd. 108 (Bridge is 1 mile)
  •  On St. Rt. 13 (10 miles south of I-70) – on private property Perry County Fairgrounds, New Lexington (24 miles south of I-70 on St. Rt. 13, turn west onto St. Rt. 37)

Round Barns

  •  The old Gilmore farm, now owned by Mr. Robert Meutzel built in 1917 and rebuilt after a fire in 1932. Located approximately ½ mile south of St. Rt. 13, three miles north of Somerset, on Reading Twp. Rd. 136 near the village of New Reading.
  •  The old Mott Thomas farm, now owned by John McGaughey family built in 1908. Located on Jackson Twp. Rd. 94-A, within sight of St. Rt. 37, 1 mile east of Junction City.
  •  The old Evi G. Melick farm, now owned by Neil Cooperrider built in 1927.  Located on Madison Twp. Rd. 95, ½ mile north of US Rt. 22, 6 miles east of Somerset, near the village of Sego
  •  The old August Dornbirer property still in the family. The barn is not visible from the road. It is located off St. Rt. 204, west of Glenford.

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