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The Winding Road

The Winding Road

As the Ohio landscape changes from Midwest farmlands to Appalachian foothills, so do the opportunities for exploration and learning. The Winding Road is a compilation of active, authentic experiences in Ohio’s Muskingum and Hocking River Valleys that are anything but typical.  With an emphasis on ‘guided’ and ‘small scale’, the cultural story is accented by the emerging arts, local foods, and outdoor recreation scene.

Unique exploration of the off-the-beaten path destinations and experiences await you on Ohio’s Appalachian Winding Road.

For 2017 Experiences or to request a catalog call 740-394-2852 or visit www.ohiosappalachianwindingroad.org

Guided Tours ♦ Interpretive Programs ♦ Trails

Events and Stories of the Place Throughout Creative Communities from

Athens to Zanesville

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